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Even in 1895, such a project marked an act of colossal intellectual hubris. The two men set out to collect data on every book ever published, along with a vast collection of magazine and journal articles, photographs, posters and all kinds of ephemera — like pamphlets — that libraries typically ignored. Using 3 by 5 index cards (then the state of the art in storage technology), they went on to create a vast paper database with more than 12 million individual entries.


Otlet and LaFontaine eventually persuaded the Belgian government to support their project, proposing to build a “city of knowledge” that would bolster the government’s bid to become host of the League of Nations. The government granted them space in a government building, where Otlet expanded the operation. He hired more staff, and established a fee-based research service that allowed anyone in the world to submit a query via mail or telegraph — a kind of analog search engine. Inquiries poured in from all over the world, more than 1,500 a year, on topics as diverse as boomerangs and Bulgarian finance.

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The web time forgot (de onde están tiradas as citas anteriores)


Quen rouba (a) un ladrón…

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Quen non recibiu nunca un correo-lixo dun nixeriano que precisa axuda para retirar uns fondos dun banco ou da administración de lotaría do Reino Unido para notificar que o teu enderezo electrónico gañou 100 millóns de libras na Internet? En 419eater o que fan é seguirlles o xogo a eses estafadores para mantelos entretidos, que non rouben a outras persoas e, de ser posible, conseguir datos para unha denuncia eficaz.

A little about our ministry: We are fundamental Christians and Animalistic constortians. This means that we worship Almighty God as all Christians do, but we also hold certain animals in very high regards, as in the Indian faith, we regard the cow as the holiest of God’s holy creatures, hence out church is named The Church of The Holy Cow. Every member who joins our ministry has a cow branded with their name, this shows their faith in our ministry and also saves this wonderful creature from being slaughtered for food. The member’s cow becomes adopted into the church and is saved from stress and fear. All adopted cows are keep on our 200,000 acre ranch in Florida.

A Sunday compilation

These are the compilation images Rosie and i have done together. Every Sunday Rosie takes an image in England and i take one in America, and we put ourselves together, even if it is just in a photo.

Love separated by an ocean.

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