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El 70 por 100 de los italianos es analfabeto

El 70 por 100 de los italianos es analfabeto. El porcentaje puede impresionar, pero puede pecar por defecto, porque la cifra real se aproxima al 80 por 100. Son personas que leen, discuten, escuchan, resuelven sus asuntos sin aparente dificultad, pero son analfabetos «funcionales», encontrándose en un área que está por debajo del nivel mínimo de comprensión en la lectura o en la escucha de un texto de meda dificultad. El 5 por 100 de la población italiana es todavía hoy analfabeta estructural, «incapaz de descifrar letras o cifras». Así lo afirma un artículo del diario «La Stampa», que asocia a España junto a Italia.


Cursive Handwriting and Other Education Myths

A recent newcomer at one of the home-education groups my family attends explained that one of the frustrations that led her to take her son out of the school system was that he wasn’t being allowed to write stories. It’s something he loves to do, and it seems strange that a school should obstruct that enthusiasm. But the teachers declared he wasn’t ready because he can’t yet write in cursive.

To me this symbolizes all that is wrong with the strange obsession shared in many countries about how children learn to write. Often we teach them how to form letters based on the ones they see in their earliest reading books. And then we tell them that they must learn this hard-won skill all over again, using “joined-up” script. Yet there is no evidence that cursive has any benefits over other handwriting styles, such as manuscript, where the letters aren’t joined, for the majority of children with normal development.

Philip Ball.